Friday, November 30, 2012

Native Spirit

Native Spirit
Designer:  Michael Adams
Dimensions leaflet #279, c1997

Rider 39wx39h, Skull 37wx39h, Eagle 32wx39h, Profile with Headdress 41wx42h, Shield 29wx52h, Wolf 41wx46h, Drum 40wx35h, Kokopelli 41wx40h, Still Life 38wx51h, Saguaro Cactus 37wx52h, Dream Catcher 30wx52h, Archer 34wx47h, Pipe 53wx40h, Tepee 41wx37h, Pueblo 53wx40h, Pottery 39wx37h, Zuni Bear 48wx30h, Lizard 43wx33h, Shield with Feathers 35wx39h, Mask 39wx48h, Canoeist 54wx33h, Moccasins 51wx31h, Shirt 55wx33h, Kachina Doll 22wx53h

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