Sunday, September 15, 2013

Angel Ornament

Angel Ornament
Designer:  Maryanne Moreck
Chart from Family Christmas: Handmade Gifts & Heartfelt Stories, Jeanne Stauffer, House of White
          Birches, c2007, 1-5921-7186-9
Stitch Count:  42w x 36h

Glorious Angel Topper

Glorious Angel Topper
Designer:  Ursula Michael
Chart from A Cross-Stitch Christmas: Handmade Treasures, Better Homes & Gardens/Meredith
                  Corp., c1995, 0-696-20037-6
Stitch Count:  109w x 141h

Festive Tree - Christmas Tree


Festive Tree
Designer:  Carol Emmer
Chart from Christian Traditions, Leisure Arts Inc., c2001, 1-5748-6187-5
Stitch Count:  101w x 131h

(Also Designs for the Needle, Christmas Traditions kit with beads, Leisure Arts #309846,
      called Christmas Tree)

Pretty Mermaids

Pretty Mermaids
Designer:  unknown
Free downloaded chart from
Stitch Count:  102w x 113h

Peacock Lady

Peacock Lady
Designer:  Joan Elliott
Chart from World of Cross Stitching, Jan 2008, #134
Stitch Count:  104w x 144h

Also available in chart pack from and

Peacock Lady (Magazine Correction)


If any of you are working on the Peacock Lady from the chart that was in the magazine a while back you will notice that the photo of the finished piece had a stitching error on the mouth. She was not meant to look like she has fangs! Here is the version of the face that I have in my chartpack so you can make any corrections necessary. Please note that the symbols may be different than those used in the magazine but I think it is self explanatory. This correction is for the chart in the magazine only. My Chartpack  chart is fine and needs no adjustment.

Stylish Belle (1940's Belle)

Stylish Belle
Designer: Amanda Gregory
Free downloaded chart from
Stitch Count:  56w x 70h

(Two companion belles were published in subscriber-exclusive World of Cross Stitching, issue 93)

Art Nouveau Lady

Art Nouveau Lady
Designer:  Sue Cook
Chart from Cross Stitch Collection May 2001 #65
Stitch Count:  100w x 190h