Sunday, September 15, 2013

Peacock Lady

Peacock Lady
Designer:  Joan Elliott
Chart from World of Cross Stitching, Jan 2008, #134
Stitch Count:  104w x 144h

Also available in chart pack from and

Peacock Lady (Magazine Correction)


If any of you are working on the Peacock Lady from the chart that was in the magazine a while back you will notice that the photo of the finished piece had a stitching error on the mouth. She was not meant to look like she has fangs! Here is the version of the face that I have in my chartpack so you can make any corrections necessary. Please note that the symbols may be different than those used in the magazine but I think it is self explanatory. This correction is for the chart in the magazine only. My Chartpack  chart is fine and needs no adjustment.

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