Saturday, April 4, 2015

Dutch Sinterklaas

Dutch Sinterklaas
Designer:  Martha Schmidt
Series:  World of Santas #13 of 13
Needle Maid Designs chartpack #NMC-37, c2003
Stitch count:  127w x 170h

Description:  Sinterklaas dresses in  bishop's clothes, carries a golden staff, and arrives by steamer from far-off Spain in mid-November long before his feast day of December 6.  He is accompanied by his faithful companion Black Peter (Zwarte Piet) and the horse that carries him around the country.  Children place their shoes filled with carrots and hay for the saint's horse near the hearth.  Children sing songs by the chimney to entire Sinterklaas.  Their homes are filled with the smells of the baked goodies so popular -- smooth fondant shaped into hearts; puff pastries formed into letters; marizipan in the shape of carrots, chicks, or pigs; spicy brown sugar cookies molded into windmills or people; and large chocolate candy letters.  Christmas Day is reserved for faith and the ringing of church bells.

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  1. Where can I purchase this pattern, my son in law's family is dutch and I would love to do this for him. Having a hard time finding a copy to purchase the chart. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.