Saturday, April 4, 2015

Irish Christmas Visitor

Irish Christmas Visitor
Designer:  Martha Schmidt
Series:  World of Santas #8 of 13
Needle Maid Designs chartpack #NMC-48, c1996
Stitch count:  127w x 170h

Description:  While the Irish do not have a tradition of a gift-giver or a Santa Claus, they do have a number of customs.  On Christmas Eve a light candle is placed in the window, a loaf of bread made with raisins and caraway seeds and a pitcher of milk are left on the kitchen table, and the door remains unlatched to extend hospitality to the Holy Family or any traveler.  Irish immigrants brought the tradition of holly wreaths with them to the United States.  The chart design includes holly leaves and berries, shamrocks, Celtic crosses, and an Irish harp.

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